激光标记机的精度很高。激光的光速非常好。当它在材料表面上作用时,较小的重定位精度可以达到0.01mm。它适合标记精美的仪器和零件。当前的精度可以满足在很小的塑料和金属表面上标记的需求。激光标记机是一种物理非接触处理。没有任何化学物质的污染来源,并且不仅限于圆形和方形的加工产品的形状。它可以弯曲;它适用于各种材料。它可以标记几乎所有金属和非金属材料(例如铝,不锈钢,玻璃,皮革,布,纸等)的表面,不同的材料,不同的厚度和不同的硬度材料); Good compatibility, with other processing equipment to form a fully automated production line; The marking of laser marking machine is clear and beautiful, durable and wear-resistant, not easy to be altered and covered, which plays an anti-counterfeiting role to a certain extent; The laser marking machine has a long service life, the core of the whole equipment is the laser, and the service life is more than 20000 hours.China's best quality laser marking machine manufacturer and supplier, factory price of laser cutting machine.